“Content isn’t king, it is the KINGDOM”

Every great business needs great content. Content that builds relationships.

If you are looking for someone to help you create great content, Here is how I can help:

Newsletter Writing

Email marketing is 40x more successful at acquiring new clients than either Facebook and Twitter according to McKinsey and Company. It is a highly effective channel to invest in. Get them interested in your products or services easily and what better way to do so than to create high quality content to appeal to your customers and build your brand and business.

Contact me so I can create outstanding content for your newsletters.

Blog Posts

A company’s blog has more ROI than traditional marketing efforts. Companies with blogs are said to receive 97% more links to their website so higher blogging frequency is definitively effective. I can help in creating high quality content by  tapping into my versatility and knowledge as well as relevant studies to help create informative content for your readers.

Ghost writing

Looking to write professional articles and papers for that big presentation but with little or no time available? Let me help you deliver high quality materials and articles on time whenever you need it! Lighten your desk and workload with my ghost writing services.